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Campus Safety & Security Survey Reveals Need for Better Glass

By July 1, 2022September 22nd, 2022Building Security, Safety & Security Films
Classroom with windows showing the importance of campus safety and security

Campus safety has never been a greater concern than now. Finding the right combination for providing safety for students, teachers, patients, and building occupants requires the latest in both findings and solutions. Our recent Window Security and Safety Survey provides insights into current issues, as well as priorities. More importantly, we will provide a preventative solution.

As schools are experiencing an all-time high of gun violence, college and medical campuses alike are battling a rise in breaches as well. We know that we must take action in order to prevent future tragedies. We’ve lost too many people and endured too much property damage, to continue as we are.

Recently, we partnered with Campus Safety Magazine to conduct a survey of security professionals about glass windows and doors. Here are the key findings.

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1. Glass is destined to fail

Have you ever experienced exploding glass? It can be a traumatic experience in and of itself. Glass shards flying through the air at a high rate of speed can quickly become weapons of mass destruction. Referred to as “spall” by security professionals, this form of artillery can destroy people and property in a millisecond.

Glass doors and windows are considered the weakest point of security in any building. Because these points of entry are the most likely to be breached, protecting them can provide a greater sense of security throughout the campus. Moreover, providing a barrier around or over the glass can prevent massive damage to both persons and property.

Finding adequate solutions to prevent this damage has created a booming industry. Moreover, the implementation of said options provides both physical barriers on campuses, as well as community confidence.

2. First Responders Aren’t Enough

We’ve realized over time that security guards cannot prevent damage to a building, or even violence to persons – if the culprit is determined. They can, and often do, deter a criminal who is on the fence about committing a transgression. However, once the perpetrator has decided to commit the crime, it’s fairly simple to work around a singular security officer policing a large area in rounds.

Response times for break-ins from police departments are at an all-time high. The damage is already done when they arrive and if theft was a part of the perpetrator’s plan, they are typically gone by the time the first responders arrive. Enhancing the strength of the glass is the best proactive action you can take to ensure campus safety and security.

3. Natural disasters are a growing concern

As climate change progresses, hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, and other detrimental storms become more prolific. Whereas certain natural disasters were more prone to certain areas historically, now those areas are expanding. The number of episodes continues to grow.

When it comes to securing campus safety, particularly hospitals and schools, prevention that includes natural disaster protection is a priority. Children and patients alike are vulnerable in these circumstances, and we want to do all that we can to prevent their harm.

Loss of life and property damage affects entire communities. Everyone feels the burden of those circumstances. Working together to find a solution is part of building a stronger society.

Campus safety and security solutions

A sound solution for all of these priorities is security window film or access denial glazing security such as Riot Glass®. Numerous options are available that can slow down or even prevent break-ins. Additionally, they increase the comfort within the buildings for increased learning, as well as job performance.

Additionally, there are varying levels of glass protection within the security window film selection. You can slow down an intruder or completely prevent entry depending on the type of security window system you choose. No matter what your campuses needs are, there is a security window film to fit those specifications. When you combine these benefits with the energy efficiency benefits, you have a win-win scenario.

Being able to provide campus safety and security without adding iron bars to doors or windows in a benefit in and of itself. We don’t want anyone, particularly students to feel as if they are being barricaded in a war zone.  There are options from invisible security and safety films to seamless security systems that remain invisible to the eye. It’s possible to fortify buildings without making them feel like a prison.

Defend Your Glass, Protect Your People

NGS is the national leader in campus safety and security window film installations. We average 6,000 projects a year. Numerous school systems have already implemented our options. If you would like a complimentary building perimeter analysis, feel free to contact us today.

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