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How to Protect Your Windows and Improve Your Building Perimeter Security

Image of a commercial building using resilient building materials and security window film

The Most Vulnerable Part of Your Building 

Windows and glass doors surround our buildings. Glass, being quite fragile without security window film, causes these areas to be our most vulnerable security risk. Locations such as schools, hospitals, and universities have a significant amount of glass surrounding their buildings, along with a high headcount of people filtering in and out.

That’s why the value of increasing your building perimeter security and learning how to protect your windows is foundational in keeping your campus safe. Let’s begin by exploring some of the information needed to get your building up to code.  

Protect People and Property with Safety and Security Window Film
Hosted by  James Beale
Learn how 3M Safety and Security Window Film can help you increase building security, reduce loss from theft and property damage, protect and mitigate damage from human impact, glass breakage, intrusion, blast mitigation, seismic activity, windstorm, and graffiti.

The Benefits of Using Window Security & Safety Products  

Unfortunately, danger is out there, and we have seen an increase in civil unrest, organized crime, mass shootings, and severe weather conditions over the past few years. Your building perimeter security, and more importantly, the safety of the people inside it, should not be left up to chance.  

The NGS Tiered Security System 

With the help of our tiered approach to security, you can find the security solution that best meets the needs of every entry point of your building. For example, the first tier is our 3M™ Ultra 800 Security Window Film and 3M which is made up of micro-woven layers paired with 3M Impact protection adhesive. This tier is great for stopping glass fragments upon contact, delaying forced entry into your building, and more.  

The next item in the tiered system is the TRI-SHIELD® Security System. Known as our forced entry protection system, TRI-SHIELD stops your intruder in their tracks with its incredible strength and flexibility. TRI-SHIELD laminates the exterior with weatherable 7-millimeter security film and 8- 15-millimeter thick security film on the interior with a 4side structural adhesive for maximum forced entry protection performance.  

Finally, we come to our highest tier of security which is our Riot Glass®. From its Miami-Dade Large Missile Impact certification to its specially formulated abrasion coating and custom engineering, there’s no wonder this product is our access denial namesake.  

NGS Building Hardening Program 

In mapping out how to protect your windows, we use a “zoned” approach that is in line with the Federal Commission on School Safety. This method lists the entrances with the highest level of risk at:  

  • ZONE 1 – Main entryways  
  • ZONE 2 – Exterior non-entrance spaces 
  • ZONE 3 – Interior windows  

Our team then uses proprietary software to provide a report that allows the end-user to build a scope by zone and area to match the budget and/or need. The project pricing dynamically adjusts real-time to specific zone & area selection. The report allows for accurate mapping/ planning and as a guide for installation or service as needed. 

Building Perimeter Security That Doesn’t Compromise Aesthetics  

At NGS, security is at our core, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. We offer a variety of window and door framings, available with custom color-matching and sizing dimensions.  

Dual Function: Safety and Solar Control Tint  

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, nearly 75% of existing windows today are not energy-saving. Some dual-functioning 3M window film can decrease the amount of heat by 70% in the summer.  

With the use of dual-function Saftey and Solar Control window film, you can keep onlookers and UV rays out while keeping crystal clear views from the inside out. Or, you can prohibit onlookers from seeing in for increased privacy and safety with darker tinted films. 

Another added benefit of solar window film is a lowered cost to your energy bill. Spaces with an excessive amount of glass can heat up very fast without the use of tinted window film. Solar window film reduces heat gain in the hotter months and heat loss in the colder months, thereby reducing the toll on your HVAC systems.  

Finally, many solar window films such as 3M Prestige are made without metals – ensuring that 5G signals are not blocked within your buildings. 

Better ROI Meets Better Security  

What if you could combine tightened campus safety with a positive ROI? When you use safety and security window film, you have added an extra layer of protection, decreased the risk of damage, stolen goods, and eliminated opportunities for vandalism on your property. 

Choose the Right Provider  

There are many things to consider when shopping security window film providers to ensure you get the best pricing and the highest quality of products. If you are trying to do your research while juggling campus safety, your building’s budget, and more, we’ve got a detailed guide to help answer all your questions.  

Download our Campus Safety Partner Series white paper to get a rundown on everything you need to transform your building perimeter security.  


Photo by Verne Ho on Unsplash

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