PACE Financing Flyer

PACE Financing

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Green energy initiatives for buildings are the most insightful methods of achieving energy efficiency in the U.S. However, the high cost of these programs may discourage a building owner to come forward and prepare a plan of action for this. To overcome this barrier, a program called Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) finance with its original name “On-Tax Bill Solar and Efficiency Financing” was introduced. California was the first state to legally implement PACE financing program and now legislation is in force within 31 states and in the District of Columbia.

The Structure of PACE Financing Program:

Under this program, local governments create “land-secured financing districts” wherein property owners join voluntarily to fund energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements. They give loans to the property owners for the purpose which would be paid back through property taxes or other locally collected tax. The cost of the improvement is tied to the property itself and not to the property owner. If the property is sold during the tenure, the repayment obligation is also legally transferred to the buyer.

How PACE Financing Works for a Typical Project?

The PACE program may differ slightly depending on the legislation and circumstances in a local area. However, the program consists of the following steps involving the property owner, licensed contractors like National Glazing Solutions (NGS), local government and financial institutions.

1. The property owner needs to engage a licensed contractor who has been authorized to conduct an energy audit or site evaluation as per location-specific PACE terms and conditions.

2. Once a quote is given by the auditor, the property owner applies to the local administrator of PACE financing program.

3. Once the project is approved by the local administrator and installation is complete, the total cost of the installation is paid to the installer directly.

4. The property owner pays the loan back to the administrator through an increase in property valuation and tax..

5. No upfront cash needed except a small fee at the time of making the application.

6. If the property is sold, the liability to pay the loan is transferred to the buyer and does not need to be repaid in escrow.

What are the Major Benefits of PACE Financing in Fenestration Measures?

Through PACE financing, building owners can spread the cost of energy improvements over the lifetime of the building, increasing the property value and reducing utility bills. Further, homes and buildings with energy improvements both lease and sell faster than those without. PACE projects create large-scale employment opportunities in the community, especially in the building construction and energy improvements sector. Building owners can become code compliant and energy efficient under the relevant building codes. For example, as per the latest California Building Codes and under 2013 California Residential Title 24 Energy Code updates, windows and glass door products must have U-factor of 0.58 or lower for vertical fenestration. The 2013 Non-Residential Title 24 Energy Code updates stipulate that buildings need increased fenestration requirements to reduce solar gains and increase in visual light transmittance for day lighting.

PACE Financing Statistics:

PACE Legislation is present in 31 US states and in the District of Columbia covering about 80% of the total U.S. population. Active discussion on implementation is going on in states like Texas, Oregon, Ohio and Utah. About 24% of the PACE implemented projects consist of multifamily buildings, 21% of the projects belong to office buildings and about 19% of the projects are in the services sector. The current largest PACE project is a deep-retrofit efficiency hotel project in Universal City, CA, which received around $7 million of project financing

Contact NGS to find out if your project could qualify for PACE financing @ 866.925.2083


3M Dinoc after picture

N.G.S. Continues Expansion in Architectural Finishes Space

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Before Picture


After 3M Dinoc

Architectural finishes for wall and hard surfaces are gaining momentum in the commercial construction space due to cost, minimal impact on operations, LEED consideration, and the dramatic overhaul in the appearance of a wall, desk or ceiling space. N.G.S. is investing in training multiple additional crews in the specific application of products like 3M Dinoc & Belbien. These products come in wood grain, metal finish and textured finish options that can conform to curved surfaces providing a natural look and feel.  N.G.S was called in to rescue the facade of an I Gorman jewelry store that had another architectural finish installed that had started to discolor and look prematurely aged only months after install. N.G.S project managers identified the appropriate 3M Dinoc wood grain material that matched closely to the original architectural finish that was decaying on the exterior.  The finished product was a rejuvenated looking facade that the client was extremely happy with. N.G.S. has already procured multiple contracts in 2014 for tens of thousands of square feet of architectural finishes on interior surfaces at private and public use spaces that will be published on the website in late spring. Architects and design professionals are encouraged to contact us at 866-925-2083 to discuss potential projects with one of our in house project managers to learn more about the potential of Dinoc & Belbien finishes for new construction, remodel or renovation projects that are looking for high design with a budget in mind.

Sample Organization Chart

Completing the Organizational Chart of a Construction Company

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National Glazing Solutions LLC (N.G.S) is proud to announce continued investment in our energy solutions division with the hiring of Mark Carlson, CEM & Energy Solutions Engineering Manager.

Why has N.G.S. invested in the cost of bringing engineering and quality control resources in house that are typically available at no charge from product manufacturers?  Simply put, vertical integration improves communication among our technical and sales resources as well as between all our resources and our clients.  Our clients receive the very best engineering and quality control (as well as the best prices) when both engineering and sales are reporting up to the same management team.

At N.G.S., we value our manufacturing partners like 3M, Madico, Saint Gobain, & Eastman Chemical that are world-class product manufacturers.  However, when you consider the organizational complexity of the country’s largest construction contractors like N.G.S., the titles and geographies might change but they are similar in their core: Administration, Estimating, Operations, and Quality Control.  N.G.S. has brought Mark on board to benefit our nationwide customer base and continue to separate ourselves as the industry leader – provide benefits to our clients that are unique in our industry.

iPhone picture

N.G.S. invests in proprietary iPhone application

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N.G.S. has begun development on a proprietary iPhone & iPad application to create a completely paperless process for our installers and field project managers. Patrick Coyle, VP of Operations, states:

“We have recognized for some time that a seamless and paperless transaction would be of substantial value to our clients. No more physical signed documents or paperwork  would need to be submitted thereby providing real time information to our national clients in a similar fashion that you can track deliveries from UPS or FedEx”.

N.G.S. currently deploys a couple of technology platforms designed to speed the transfer of information and pictures from the field but none that would enable signature capture and customization tailored for each client. Management anticipates that the application will be in operation by spring of 2014.

window film magazine

N.G.S. Named #1 Commercial Film Dealer in U.S.A

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National Glazing Solutions LLC was recognized by Window Film Magazine, the leading industry trade magazine, in September 2013 as being the #1 commercial window film dealer in the United States.

NGS # 1 commercial dealer in US

NGS # 1 commercial dealer in US

Dealers from around the United States were nominated by IWFA (International Window Film Association) participating manufacturers. Window Film Magazine and members of the board of the IWFA then evaluated the nominees based on gross sales, go to market strategy and growth. Managing partners James Beale & Patrick Coyle were thrilled with the recognition and point to the continued team efforts by all N.G.S. staff with a continued focus on customer service. National Glazing Solutions LLC  continues to lead the industry in energy modeling, security film applications and national account programs. James & Patrick plan to roll out new technology in 1st quarter 2014 that will dramatically change the way information is processed from the field.

King Plow arts center atlanta

N.G.S. Purchases New HQ in King Plow Arts Center

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National Glazing Solutions LLC is proud to announce its recent investment in the City of Atlanta’s historic West Midtown at the King Plow Arts Center. The King Plow Arts Center is a nationally registered historic building and

King Plow Arts Center

King Plow Arts Center

houses a wide mixture of cultural, design and production companies and professionals. N.G.S. managing partners James Beale & Patrick Coyle felt it was time to invest in a space in the city to bring the company into the pulse of the design & construction community. The location also allows N.G.S. employees to easily access the airport from the office as well as all the major design and  construction firms that dot the map in Atlanta. The space is located at 981 Jospeh E lowery BLVD, NW STE 106 Atlanta GA 30318 and is currently under renovation and slated for a grand opening in January 2014.

Tri-shield anti-intrusion system

National Glazing Solutions Unveils Tri-Shield

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National Glazing Solutions (NGS),  reveals the company’s proprietary Tri-Shield smash & grab protection window film system at GlobalShop 2013 in Chicago from April 16 -18. NGS will also feature other innovations for glass and walls, including solar control, anti-graffiti, privacy, custom-printed and specialty window films, in addition to signage scopes at Booth #1357.

We put our resources to work in developing Tri-Shield, a smash & grab protection, retrofit system for glass that is proven to deter smash-and-grab crimes. Unlike other popularly accepted security glass applications, Tri-Shield is the only retrofit system that meets stringent requirements for ASTM F1233 level 1.0 protection against physical attacks using blunt objects, like a 12-pound ball-peen hammer. Lab results verify the following specs for Tri-Shield:

  •  Anti- intrusion = ASTM F1233 level 1.0
  • Human Impact = ANSI Z-97.1 Unlimited
  • CPSC 16 CFR part 1201 Category II
  • Hurricane = ASTM E-1886/E-1996 Large Missile Impact Category B
  • Blast Mitigation = GSA performance condition 3A


To demonstrate Tri-Shield’s performance, NGS will present a live smash test during the show on Wednesday, April 16 from 1:30 to 1:45.

“By reputation, we develop best-in-class solutions for our national retail partners,” says James Beale, NGS Managing Partner and Vice President of Sales, who invites all to drop by Booth #1357.

To obtain additional information or to schedule an appointment, contact James Beale at james(at)nationalglazingsolutions(dot)com. View the field demo and actual break in footage shown Here VIDEO PR web info page: Tri-Shield press release

ygrene energy certified contactor

N.G.S. Becomes Certified Ygrene Energy Contractor

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Sustainable building design is perhaps the fastest growing segment of the window film industry. Next to lighting retrofits, window film offers impressive return on investment opportunities that are often overlooked. N.G.S.

Ygrene certified contractor

Ygrene certified contractor

management has allocated range of human and financial resources to develop the firms capability to serve this segment of the industry. N.G.S was one of the first window film companies in the USA to become Ygrene Energy contractor certified and one of a handful of contractors overall to become Energy Pro certified.  Ygrene Energy is an authorized administer for P.A.C.E programs in Sacramento, Miami and Atlanta GA. P.A.C.E stands for property -assessed- clean energy -finance and is a vehicle to allow building owners to finance energy retrofits through equity in their building. Contact an N.G.S. project manager to learn how we can turn-key the energy modeling, project financing and project execution for your building.