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June 2020

A burglar breaking though a storefront window without riot glass

Riot Glass Stops Burglars and Looters in their Tracks

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A burglar breaking though a storefront window without riot glass

The commercial burglary, riots, and looting that erupted after peaceful protests mourning the tragic death of George Floyd caused unthinkable damage to hundreds, perhaps thousands of U.S. businesses. According to Insurance Journal, these riots “may… become the most costly civil disorder for insurers in United States history.” The cost to businesses is extremely high.

It is time to strengthen security at your store or building with Riot Glass.

Options for Protecting Your Storefront or Commercial Building

Typically, and as we have seen in television broadcasts and in our own cities, retail storefront and commercial building security measures consist of three methods:


Probably the most cost-effective of the standard door and window glass protection measures, boarding is widely used as a stop-gap for emergencies. Unfortunately, boards need to be installed last minute, often among surging riot crowds, and boarding isn’t that effective. They may break or burn, granting violent looters access to your location.

Roll-down gates

A better long-term solution than boarding up your location, roll-down gates are an everyday measure that many businesses and commercial buildings rely on. There is, however, the risk that you may not have locked them properly and, as we’ve seen from the news broadcasts, determined looters can easily wrench open roll-down gates.

Security film

More attractive than roll-down gates and more permanent than boarding, security film presents a great solution for managers who are highly conscious of their building and store aesthetics. Security film is the perfect choice for isolated burglary attempts (but not looting) because it slows thieves down and prevents access before the police arrive. In a looting situation or violent riot, it doesn’t matter if your security film slows down the looters – they have all the time in the world.

Fortunately, there is a fourth security glass solution that is literally riot proof: Riot Glass.

Riot Glass – Stops Burglars and Looters in their Tracks

Riot Glass is a patented, clear shield with an anchored frame that is installed over the tops of your existing doors and windows. It is more effective than boarding, roll-down gates, and safety film combined because it literally never fails.

Riot Glass is an affordable, maximum strength security solution. When you install it, you’ll experience the benefits of no broken glass, no property damage, and no entry.

Protect Your Business with Nearly Failproof Riot Glass

At the time of this writing, we are well into our second week of this national tragedy. It is unclear how long the riots and looting will continue or if they will return in response to other unprovoked acts of violence.

This situation will likely continue to require ongoing risk mitigation for commercial property managers and retail operations, especially in our nation’s largest cities.


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Building Access Denial – Riot Glass

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Best-in-class storefront protection, Riot Glass has an unmatched track record against forced entry attempts.


  • Protects glass and frames to where it has stopped almost all attacks from damaging glass/frames
  • No emergency board up required
  • Comes in anodized clear or bronze frames to blend beautifully with existing storefront (no unsightly expand-a gates or roll downs visible)
  • No maintenance required. Set it and forget it, a clear permanent board up for your stores
  • Being tested later this month for windstorm as we are confident it will pass large missile impact
  • Comes with scratch resistant coating and UV coating, extremely durable
  • 100% success rate, never been breached for any of our clients


Riot Glass is a patented framing & clear ArmorPlast shield system that is a combination polycarbonate and plastics for maximum strength that mechanically anchors to the windows and doors. The framing system comes in anodized clear and bronze and is custom fit to the doors and storefront window system creating a protective shield that is always working (think permanent, clear board up). The panels are scratched coated, solar UV treated and extremely durable. NGS has had a 100% success rate with stopping break in attempts from items like sledgehammers, crow bars, knives, pick axes, and more.


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