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Corporate Asset Management

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2 Smart Ways to Turn Your Liabilities into Assets

It’s time we talked about your corporate assets. Often, when people mention this term, they’re only speaking about your company’s money – but your building and fixtures are an investment too. When you set plans in place to manage your physical assets, you’ll be able to extend their lifecycle and maximize your returns.

This process is an integral part of corporate asset management, but many companies overlook the range of strategies they can use to simplify the process. Keep reading to learn more.

A Brief Introduction to Corporate Asset Management

“Corporate asset management” sounds like a big deal, but it’s actually pure common sense. This process helps you maximize the useful lifespan of your business assets by planning remodels and upgrades for your space that keep your goods safe, your store clean and enticing, and your brand messaging positive. Properly done, corporate asset management can lower depreciation to increase your asset values over time.

Depreciation 101

Usually your accountant will handle your depreciation, so let’s stop for a quick refresher on how this process works for your fixed assets, which are the physical investments that last your company a year or more.

The details of fixed asset management are complex, but, in general, you must decrease the value of your fixed assets such as buildings, land, and equipment over the course of their usable life, until they’ve reached their salvage value, which is the amount you can scrap it for. Store fixtures often maintain salvage value, but run-of-the-mill architectural features simply become worthless junk over time, due to weathering or wear and tear.

Luckily, there’s a way to rescue junk architecture and extend the lifespan of your fixtures while retaining their salvage value. This turns depreciation into appreciation because the less you have to buy, the more you save. One way you can manage your investments and save money is to use glass and architectural film that protect and improve your assets.

How to Protect Your Building, Retail Space, Hotel, Hospital, or Office

Architectural film and glass film both extend the life of your assets to improve your long-term ROI, but they’re vastly different products.

  • Quality architectural film comes in a virtually unlimited palette of patterns and colors, many of which look remarkably like natural materials such as stone, wood, leather, and metal. Modern architectural film is carefully engineered to stick to any surface quickly and easily, and it’s guaranteed to resist wear and tear such as weather and heavy commercial use for many years.

Looking for sustainable design products that improve the appearance of your interiors and exteriors? Architectural wrap is eco-friendly because it reduces your landfill impact. Instead of throwing out old or unsightly architectural features, popular wrap brands such as 3M DI-NOC and Belbien can adhere to any surface with any shape or texture. Want to upgrade your exterior and interior trim, accent walls, fitting room doors, cash wraps, racks, or anything else in your store or on your building? NGS Films and Graphics has got you covered.

In addition, architectural wrap won’t interrupt business for properties with 24-hour operations such as hotels, airports, or hospitals. No other product category will allow you to refresh the look of your lobby, elevator, doors, or rooms without having to demo and shut down the space. Projects with LEED goals can also benefit from these products as LEED points may apply. See the before and after pictures to see how realistic architectural wrap looks. (link to before and after)

  • Commercial glass film provides protection for your inventory by blocking 99% of UV light rays and up to 97% of infrared rays. In the past, glass film merely blocked UV light, but advancements in technology by leading companies can now help your company protect from color fading; reduce nearly half of your in-building heat gain (from infrared); and prevent damage to your fabric, paint, and plastic inventory.

Like architectural film, glass film is built to last with warranties of more than a decade. It is worthy to note that today’s solar films don’t have to be tinted. Modern films offer high-heat rejection capabilities with virtually clear appearances, and some new Low E technology films will improve single-pane glass insulation to almost dual-pane capabilities – and dual-pane to nearly triple-pane performance!

In addition to protecting your goods and interior features from wear and tear, recent advances in glass film can help you protect your store from thieves; reduce uncomfortable heat and glare; and decrease your heating, cooling, and lighting costs.  One recent innovation includes 3M Daylight Redirecting Film, an entirely new cost-saving invention that eliminates glare while harvesting daylight, making your environments are more productive and inviting. See 3M Daylight Redirecting Film in action to get an idea of how much your company could save on lighting.

  • Metal & Glass Anti-Graffiti Coatings allow property owners to turn depreciation into appreciation by renewing metal surfaces without having to experience a costly replacement. These films are a perfect fit for aging elevators, changing rooms, and bathrooms that have been etched, dented, or damaged because the new coatings come in a variety of metal and mirror finishes that essentially allow an owner to install a protective surface directly over the damaged substrate. This renews and protects the surface and can save thousands of dollars.
    Metal Shield elevator refresh

    Metal Shield elevator refresh

Check out these great before and after pictures to see the how much new metal and glass coatings can change the appearance of your surfaces.

  • Signage and Branding Graphics are being leveraged in unprecedented ways with new materials, print technologies, and cool new design concepts to affordably overhaul the way a space looks and feels. A simple wayfinding graphic isn’t only beautiful and functional, but it can also enhance safety.

Many studies point to the fact that the use of art, color, and dimensional design can enhance mood and therefore productivity, as well as overall occupant experience, and a rising trend shows that savvy companies are beginning to incorporate interior signage and graphics more often. See how One national insurance company transformed their new mega center space with graphics instead of resorting to a costly remodel.

wall & glass graphics

Wall & glass graphics- Insurance Mega Center

Increase Your Investment Value Over Time

If you’re a commercial building owner, you already know that a well-maintained, attractive building can result in a higher appraisal rate and can increase your rent revenues. As a retailer, you’ve seen how much a clean, well-lighted place encourages purchasing and consumer confidence in your brand. As an office manager, you’ve experienced how much more productive your employees are when their environment is comfortable, well maintained, and glare-free.

Take advantage of these benefits and keep your investments useful longer. When you take the initiative to thoughtfully maintain your architectural features and fixtures, and to protect your inventory as well, you’ll be better positioned to turn your depreciation into appreciation and succeed with corporate asset management.


Learn more about extending the value of your corporate assets with architectural wraps, high-tech solar films, anti-theft security film, metal coatings, and signage or graphics, when you contact (866) 925-2083.

The Big Picture: Corporate Sustainability and Window Film

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The Big Picture: Corporate Sustainability and Window Film

It’s hot outside – and it’s getting hotter every day. Whether you’re an environmentalist or you think climate change is nonsense, today’s post is worth a read – because sustainability is about a lot more than the planet. It’s also about your profits.

It’s time we all acknowledged the elephant in the room. Let’s talk about corporate sustainability.

What Exactly Is Corporate Sustainability?

Though the term “sustainable” has become a stand-in for “environmentally friendly,” corporate sustainability rests on a trio of intertwined practices, often referred to as “people, planet, and profits.” Companies considered “sustainable,” must take action to support:

  1. Global Societies

The rise of globalization has increased competition worldwide, and has consequently provided economic advantages for formerly isolated countries with a low cost of living and low wages.

Today’s booming businesses have unprecedented freedom to keep their margins consistent by sourcing from an ever-widening network of providers – but the pre-modern labor policies in many developing nations can mean that inexpensive supplies and materials come at a devastating human cost.

Companies intent on sustainability perform due diligence on their suppliers and goods to ensure that what they’re buying was produced in a safe, healthy manner that didn’t take part in:

  • Child labor
  • Forced labor
  • Discrimination

Take Action: Start sustainability practices by choosing products, suppliers, and vendors committed to their workers. Although it may be impossible for you to personally investigate every link in your lengthy supply chain, responsible vendors will be able to report on their own supply chains and sustainability practices in depth.

  1. Planet Earth

You already know that sustainability ties into environmental responsibility, so we won’t belabor the point. In essence, protecting the planet’s scarce resources means you must:

  • Reduce waste
  • Limit your energy usage (your “carbon footprint”)
  • Take an environmentally precautionary approach when considering business changes or expansions

Take Action: Reducing your carbon footprint is usually the easiest place to begin your journey toward sustainability. These days, you have options for a wide range of attractive and affordable energy-saving enhancements for your company, including newer, all-season solar and Low E films or Daylight Redirecting Films that reduce the amount of energy you need to heat, cool, and even light your building, retail location, or office space.

  1. The Bottom Line

Many companies become so focused on their obligation to protect the earth and its people that they feel as if it’s not noble to focus on their own profits. That viewpoint couldn’t be further from the truth. Your profits matter for your own long-term sustainability as a company – as well as the long-term sustainability of your employees and their families.

It’s important to protect your bottom line.

Take Action: Sustainability in one area doesn’t overcome a lack of sustainability in other areas. It’s wrong to overlook human rights abuses in pursuit of a quick buck – and it’s also wrong to overlook your business profits in pursuit of the most expensive eco-friendly product on the market. Find affordable solutions.

Commit to Corporate Sustainability in Your Company

It doesn’t matter if you have 2 employees or 2,000, corporate sustainability is always a smart thing to focus on when you want to ensure long-term growth. Start small to succeed big over time.

Follow this framework as you plan your sustainability initiatives:

  • Determine your sustainability objectives and preferred outcomes
  • Set goals (short and long term)
  • Implement changes
  • Reflect on your results
  • Adjust your goals and strategies as needed

Repeat this process until you have achieved your objectives.

Start Today

Take your first (or next!) step on the path to sustainability when you support worldwide communities, Earth preservation, and your overall profits – all at once!

NGS Films and Graphics can help you increase your sustainability through a wide-range of responsibly sourced, environmentally friendly window films that can be installed at a fraction of the price of new windows. Some of today’s high-tech solutions include:

  • “Low E” films (low emissivity) that reduce up to 42% of the heat loss associated with windows
  • Daylight Redirecting Films that redirect direct sunlight toward your ceilings to reduce your light energy costs by up to 52% while increasing employee productivity
  • Solar control films that reduce heat-causing infrared by up to 97%, cut down on harmful UV rays by 99%, and significantly cut your cooling costs

Modern window films are nearly invisible and can result in positive ROI in as little as six months. Some sustainable window-film consultants even offer free energy modeling for your workplace so can predict your savings in advance.


Learn more about your wide range of energy-efficient options and run your free energy-modeling analysis. Contact NGS Films and Graphics at (866) 925-2083.