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June 2015

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Using Safe Contractors = Project Success

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Safety rules and regulations are developed and implemented for valid reasons. These rules save lives and prevent injuries. It is of the utmost importance that contractors adhere to all safety rules and regulations during an ongoing job or project. At National Glazing Solutions (855-979-8546) our team understands proper protocol and takes no shortcuts on the solar, security, specialty, and other window film solution projects we perform.

Project Safety

No one wants to see an injury during the completion of a project. That is a given. However, adherence to safety protocol is a much deeper subject. Not only are human lives and property important – but local, state, and federal government regulations are stringently enforced, and extremely heavy fines and disciplinary measures are taken against companies that violate safety rules and specific codes and safety procedures.

Contractor Safety Standards

An organization should always be careful to hire a safe, law-abiding, and ethical company (like National Glazing Solutions) to perform contracting work that is at all dangerous and/or governed by specific safety codes. You do not need uneducated or unsafe/careless contractors working on your premises. Your contractor should have standards and guidelines above the required minimums set by law.

Quality + Safety = Success

Companies need quality work done and installed in a timely manner, while also keeping within the parameters of safety. Common sense also matters. This is particularly true in an industry like our own (Window Film Industry) that uses much glass and film in hard to access areas. Quality plus safety equals success. To a company like our own, people matter – whether our own, yours, or bystanders. One safety mistake is one too many.


Adherence to safety rules and regulations is a MUST for contractors. Unfortunately, many see this as an area to cut corners and save money for profit. National Glazing Solutions (855-979-8546) practices safety, and does not cut corners or take risks. Our promise is to provide the best window film products & installation services in a safe and timely manner, in adherence to all necessary government & project safety precautions.

National Glazing Solutions Awarded GSA Contract

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Sometimes we do not equate the government with efficiency, but the GSA (General Services Administration) of the Federal Government has been working to change that perception. The GSA is the premier acquisition tool of the United States Government, and its recent agreement with National Glazing Solutions demonstrates its commitment to efficiency and effective budgeting.

GSA & National Glazing Team-up

The GSA and National Glazing Solutions have entered into a win-win situation. How? National Glazing is the number 1 tint/window film company in America, handling 3M window tint, solar window film, safety & security window tint, energy efficient films/tints, custom printed glass films, and numerous other safety and security-oriented products. GSA has tapped-into their quality products/services at a great rate. But, GSA also does this with respect to other industries. Everybody wins.

GSA Schedules Assist Vendors & Small Businesses/Large Businesses

The GSA not only purchases the best products and services at great prices, but they are committed to assisting vendors and businesses (large companies and especially small businesses) with succeeding amid the government marketplace.

GSA Schedules are fast, easy, and effective contracting vehicles. The agency provides long-term contracts with companies to provide millions of items to governmental agencies at discount costs ($50 billion/year/10% of all Federal Government procurement).

Vendor Participation With GSA

Vendors wanting to be successful under the GSA Schedules Program need to take the proper steps to be productive in a competitive environment. The vendor’s time and financial investment are initially high (as is GSA’s investment in firms), but the sales quantity, distribution mechanism, and prestige are well-worth the efforts.

It is a matter of careful planning, accurate analysis, and proactive implementation to be a successful GSA contract holder under the GSA Schedules Program. Like National Glazing Solutions, it may well be that your organization can do business with the General Services Administration. Keep in mind that 80% of GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contractors are small businesses (representing 36% of sales).

The GSA constantly updates its offerings. One of National Glazing Solutions core growth strategies is to increase business by selling 3M window tint, Solar Gard, Madico safety shields, Blast mitigation films, and other items by working with the administration. Government contracting officers buy direct today from NGS through GSA advantage NGS GSA contract# GS-07F-152CA