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3M ™Anti-Graffiti Film: How to Protect Your Building’s Glass and Windows from Tagging

By March 23, 2022April 14th, 2022Safety & Security Films
3M ™Anti Graffiti Film How to Protect Your Buildings Glass and Windows from Tagging

Graffiti is growing

Data collected from US police departments shows that there has been an increase in vandalism and break-ins since 2020. Some areas have experienced increases as high as 27 percent. Loss Prevention Media’s 2021 Storefront Security and Emergency Response Survey reported that finding a solution to protect properties from vandalism and loss is an increasing priority in operations.

Products such as Safety and Security Window Film and Riot Glass™ have been proven to help protect buildings from unwanted intruders and natural disasters. But how can you protect your properties from a permanent, unwanted paint that is graffiti?

3M™ Anti-Graffiti Film

3M™ Anti-Graffiti Film is simple in its brilliance. The film can be applied to numerous interior and exterior surfaces, including glass or mirrors. Once applied, the window film acts as an agent of defiance. It protects against acid etching, gouging, tagging and most scratches. This allows your building’s surface to remain clean and pristine. If a culprit sprays your doors or glass, the film is simply removed and replaced.

Moreover, this product can prevent harm to human life during forced entry attempts. 3M™ anti-graffiti film offers two varying thicknesses that afford the user between 100 and 175 pounds of breakage strength. Additionally, those two options offer between 93 and 132 pounds of puncture protection. Security window film of this caliber pays for itself again and again.

In situations where tagging or graffiti has taken place, the film itself is replaced within the frame, rather than the glass itself. This is a more cost-effective way of maintaining a protected and professional exterior to your business location. Finally, insurance companies often provide incentives or discounts for implementing security film to store fronts.

Greener buildings (but not from spray paint!)

An additional benefit of 3M™ anti-graffiti film is UV protection. It prevents 98% of UV rays from entering the building. This reduces fading of merchandise or interior design elements within the store. Furthermore, it can reduce the interior temperature by up to seven degrees. Quality window glass protection comes with a long list of benefits.

Protect Your Buildings from Tagging

Glass protection has become a required part of business ownership. As gun violence, natural disasters, tagging, and break-ins are on the rise, it pays to be prepared. Implementing an anti-graffiti film system ensures that your property is protected to the maximum possible extent available. The latest research and testing has been implemented for this system to ensure its strength and durability. It isn’t a matter of can you afford the 3M™ Anti-graffiti security film. Rather, are you willing to take the risk in refraining?

To learn more, check out our product page on 3M™ Anti-Graffiti Film, or register for our webinar, “Protect People and Property with 3M Safety and Security Window Film.

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